Dave and Vic, the owners of Squawk Coffee, have always been passionate about quality coffee served with a smile in a comfy environment that provides their community with an oasis to get away from the hustle and bustle of the day.



The Beginning


We began our affinity for coffee and community in 2005, building an old school coffeehouse business in Austin. We created a coffeehouse for all, a space to pause from the hectic pace of busy life, a perfect getaway.

Genuine Joe Coffeehouse - Austin

Genuine Joe Coffeehouse - Austin


Pueblo, Colorado

A New Day


We came to Pueblo, Colorado to start a new adventure because of the sunny days and sunny disposition of its residents. Squawk Coffee is about mountain mornings, taking in the crisp air, sipping delicious coffee awakening the taste buds and brain, and starting the day off right. Join us and see what's new. Come meet and make a little noise. There's a space waiting for you, a place for business leaders to gather and plan, for artists to gather inspiration, and everyday Joe's to grab a bite and a cuppa with friends here at Squawk Coffee!